Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

CICAD Sessions


Thirty-eighth Regular Session of CICAD
Washington, D.C., United States
December 6 - 9, 2005

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Photo Gallery

UNODC in Latin America and the Caribbean,
Cristina Albertin

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Schedule of Activities

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Final Report - Group of Experts on Chemical Substances
presentation by Mr. Gabriel Abboud

Updated on Nov 9 2006 11:37AM

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Final Report - Group of Experts on Pharmaceutical Products

Updated on Nov 9 2006 11:39AM

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Final Report - Group of Experts on Maritime Narcotrafficking

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Activities and Progress of the Inter-American Observatory on Drugs (OID)
Presentation by Mr. Francisco Cumsille, CICAD

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Treatment Policies for Substance-Related Disorders in the Mexican Health System
Dr. Cristóbal Ruiz Gaytán López
Technical Secretary
National Council Against Addictions

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VII Meeting of the Expert Group on Demand Reduction
Presentation by Ms. Beth Pieterson

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Note from the Permanent Mission of Bolivia on the Candidacy to Chair of CICAD

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Farewell Speech by Major General José Sanz Jiminián, Dominican Republic.

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Final Report - The Human Social and Economic costs of Drugs: Pilot Program

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Prevención del crimen y dependencia de drogas en el contexto Social Mexicano/
Prevention of Crime and Drug Dependence in the Mexican Social Context
Mtro. Pedro José Peñaloza

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Draft Report on the VII Meeting of the Group of Experts on Demand Reduction
presented by Anna McG. Chisman, Ph.D

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:02PM

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CICAD’s Finances and future,
presentation by Mr. James F. Mack,
Executive Secretary,

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:06PM

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Descentralización de las Políticas de Drogas en los Paises Andinos/
Descentralization project: Initial situation in the Andean region
Fortalecimiento Institucional de las Comisiones Nacionales de Drogas

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Activities of the Argentine Obgservatory on Drugs
presented by Dr. Diego Alvarez Rivero

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International Guidelines for Estimating the Avoidable Costs of Substance Abuse
Presentation by Ms. Louise Déry,
Office of Investigation and Research of Health Canada

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:32PM

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Models of Cooperation for Professional Development in the Drug Field.
Maria da Gloria M. Wright, Ph.D.
Educational Development and Research Unit

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:42PM

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Preparatory Intergovernmental Working Group (PRE-IWG) – Recommendations.

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:46PM

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CICAD’s 5-year Demand Reduction Strategy 2006-2010
presentation by Anna McG. Chisman

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Report to the President of the Group of Experts to the VII Group of Experts Meeting in Demand Reduction in Ottawa, Canada, 2005

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Remarks by Dr. José Miguel Insulza,
Secretary General to the OAS to CICAD XXXVIII

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Report of In-Situ visit by the Governmental Expert Group (GEG) of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) to Antigua and Barbuda, presentation by Lic. Alvaro Ahumada

Updated on Nov 9 2006 5:58PM

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Remarks by General Paulo Roberto Yog de Miranda Uchoa
CICAD Vice-Chairman

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:18PM

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Institutional Strengthening: Training in Electronic Government (E-Government).
presented by Mr. Jorge Durán

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:11PM

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Pre-Intergovernmental Working Group (IWG) Report to the 38th Regular Session of CICAD.

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:13PM

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Andean Countries Cocoa export support opportunities Program, presentation by ACCESO

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:15PM

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Report to CICAD on Activities and Developments in the Area of Firearms Control,
presentation by Dr. Michael Sullivan,
Legal Advisor, CICAD

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:16PM

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Palabras del Licenciado Javier Viscarra Valdivia, Presidente de la CICAD y delegado de Bolivia

Remarks by Dr. Viscarra

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CICAD within the C ontext of the Summit Process

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Chair of the Group of Experts on Money Laundering of the Commission from the Government of El Salvador.

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:23PM

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Agreement for the Implementation of Horizontal Cooperation Projects CICAD-SENAD.

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:25PM

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Annual Report of the CICAD To The General Assembly of the OAS at its Thirty Eighth Regular Session

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:26PM

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Council for Financial Activities Control, COAF,
presentation by Mr. Marcelo Pontes

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:29PM

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Brazil National Antidrugs Fund, FUNAD
Presentation by Mr. Ramon Fernando Silva

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:32PM

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Treatment Policy on Alcohol and other Drugs within the Brazilian Public Health System,
presentation by Denise Doneda- Brazil

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:34PM

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Unidad de Análisis Financiero - Chile
Víctor Ossa Frugone

Updated on Nov 9 2006 6:35PM

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Consejo Nacional de Control de Sustancias Estupefacientes y Psicotropicas (CONSEP)
República del Ecuador

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Final Report

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