Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

CICAD Sessions


Fifty-second Regular Session of CICAD
San José, Costa Rica
November 28 - 30, 2012

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Information Bulletin Rev.1 Corr.2

Updated on Nov 16 2012 1:05PM

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Draft agenda

Updated on Oct 2 2012 11:06AM

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Draft schedule of activites rev.1

Updated on Nov 21 2012 1:56PM

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List of Participants

Updated on Dec 21 2012 9:45AM

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Final Report Group of Experts on Maritime Narcotrafficking

Updated on Oct 31 2012 4:23PM

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Final Report Group of Experts on Chemical Substances and Pharmaceutical Products rev.1 corr.1

Updated on Nov 20 2012 3:02PM

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Final Report Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering

Updated on Nov 2 2012 4:02PM

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Guide to Seizure, Forfeiture and Management of Organized Crime Assets
''''Legal Aspects for the Creation and Development of specialized National Agencies in Management of Seized and Confiscated Assets''''
Mr. Nelson Mena, Chief, Money Laundering Section, CICAD
Mr. Dennis Cheng, Director of the BIDAL Project

Updated on Nov 30 2012 12:46PM

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Final Report Group of Experts on Demand Reduction

Updated on Nov 8 2012 11:14AM

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Guide to Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Updated on Nov 21 2012 10:56AM

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Presentation - Proposed Evaluation Intrsument - Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:23PM

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ANNEX I - Document 1977 - List of Recommendations -

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:23PM

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ANNEX II - Document 1977- Handbook on Evaluation Criteria - Guide for the evaluator

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:24PM

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ANNEX III - Document 1977- Evaluation Survey

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:41PM

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ANNEX IV - Document 1977- MEM Procedural Manual

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:42PM

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ANNEX V - Document 1977- MEM 6th Ev Round Cycle

Updated on Nov 15 2012 12:42PM

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Forfeiture and Management of Organized Crime Assets
Mr. Andrés Ormaza,
Expert, Legal Assistance Program for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNODC

Updated on Nov 29 2012 12:23PM

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Amphetamine-Type Stimulants (ATS) and other synthetic drugs Global and Hemispheric Trends
Juan Carlos Araneda, Project Coordinator
Global SMART Programme Latin America - UNODC
Associate Staff Member with OAS/SMS/CICAD

Updated on Nov 29 2012 6:25PM

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Synthetic Drugs
Mr. John R. Scherbenske, Chief, Synthetic Drugs and Chemicals Section, DEA

Updated on Nov 29 2012 6:32PM

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Exploring the Relationship between Drugs and Crime in the Prison Populations of Four Caribbean Countries.
Dr. Ken Garfield-Douglas, Consultant, OID

Updated on Nov 29 2012 7:08PM

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Recommended Best Practices for the Coordination and Integration of FIU/OIC Working Group. GELAVEX

Updated on Nov 24 2012 9:11PM

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Legal Aspects in the Establishment and Development of Entities Specialized in the Administration of Seized and Forfeited Assets. GELAVEX

Updated on Nov 24 2012 9:30PM

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Mechanisms to Share Forfeited Assets Among Countries rev.1 GELAVEX

Updated on Nov 30 2012 10:04AM

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Report of the Control of Money Laundering Expert Group,
Mr. José A. Sbatella, Chair of CICAD’s Control of Money Laundering Expert Group

Updated on Nov 30 2012 12:53PM

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Implementation of Drug Treatment Court Pilot Project in Trinidad and Tobago
The Honourable Ivor Archie,
Chief Justice of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:11PM

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Public Health Approach – Integral Service System for Drug Users
Organization of Treatment Services
Dr. Francisca Florenzano, SENDA

Updated on Nov 28 2012 1:59PM

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Amphetamine-type Stimulants and other Synthetic Drugs
Dr. Roumen Sedefov, Unit Chief, EMCDDA

Updated on Dec 4 2012 4:41PM

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Public Health Approach – Integral Service System for Drug Users
A Proposal Articulating Healthcare Services to Treat Disorders Due to the Use of Psychoactive Substances in Costa Rica
Dr. Patricia Orozco, Director, IAFA

Updated on Nov 28 2012 2:04PM

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Report from Ambassador Paul Simons,
Executive Secretary, CICAD

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:05PM

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Public Health Approach – Integral Service System for Drug Users
Towards A Comprehensive, Integrated System Of Care For People In Situations Associated to the Use of SPA ''INTEGRA SPA''
Mr. Aldemar Parra,
Demand Reduction Coordinator, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Colombia

Updated on Nov 29 2012 11:03AM

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Inaugural Session - welcome remarks by Ambassador Adam Blackwell,
Secretary for Multidimensional Security, OAS.

Updated on Nov 28 2012 4:14PM

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Synergies between CICAD and the European Union COPOLAD Program in the field of identification and recovery of assets from drug trafficking.
Mr. Andres Pérez
Head of the International Relations Service of CICO
State Secretariat for Security - Ministry of Interior - Spain

Updated on Nov 30 2012 12:57PM

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Inaugural Session - welcome remarks by Dr. Rafael Bielsa, Chair, CICAD
Secretary of State,
Secretariat for Programming Drug Abuse Prevention and the Fight against Drug Trafficking (SEDRONAR),
Presidency of the Republic, Argentina

Updated on Nov 28 2012 5:12PM

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Insights for a Drugged Driving Policy

Updated on Nov 29 2012 5:24PM

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Security and Narcotrafficking: Major Criminal Organizations Operating in Mexico and Central America
Mr. Johnny Ezequiel Sempe Alvarado,
Head of Processing Department,
General Directorate of Civilian Intelligence (DIGICI),

Updated on Nov 29 2012 11:58AM

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Comprehensive System of Drug Dependence Care Services
Dr. Daisy María Corrales Díaz
Minister of Health
Costa Rica

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:20PM

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Draft Resolution: Approval of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanisim Inter-Governmental Working Group (IWG) Report and Approval of the Evaluation Instrument for the Sixth Evaluation Round

Updated on Feb 21 2013 11:00AM

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Public Policies on Social Integration and Drugs
Mr. Vladimir de Andrade Stempliuk,
Director of Strategic Projects and International Affairs, SENAD,

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:24PM

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The Fight Against Corruption and Trust Verification Systems: Essential Factor to Fight Drug Trafficking
Ms. Claudia Villafuerte,
Coordinating Prosecutor, Assistant Prosecutor’s Office of Probity, Transparency and Anti-corruption,
Public Ministry,
Costa Rica

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:38PM

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Report of the Group of Experts on Chemical Substances and Pharmaceutical Products
Mr. Fidias Federico Aristy Payano,
President, National Drug Council,
Dominican Republic

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:28PM

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''El Narcotráfico en México como una Amenaza a la Seguridad Nacional''
Lic. Sandro García Rojas Castillo,
Jefe, Coordinador de Asuntos Internacionales y Agregadurías de la Procuraduría General de la República de México.

Updated on Nov 29 2012 2:08PM

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Report of the Group of Experts on Maritime Narcotrafficking
Mr. Mariano Donzelli, SEDRONAR,

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:31PM

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Mujeres, drogas e igualdad:Políticas de integración social en las Américas
Dra. Maureen Clarke Clarke
Presidenta Comisión Interamericana de Mujeres
Costa Rica

Updated on Dec 4 2012 3:34PM

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Final Report

Updated on May 30 2013 4:20PM

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