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Informative Bulletin

Updated on Oct 29 2014 10:13AM

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Updated on Oct 16 2014 10:03AM

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Lodging Information Update

Updated on Nov 5 2014 3:15PM

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Resolution: Reflections and guidelines to formulate and follow up on comprehensive Policies to address the world drug problem in the Americas

Updated on Nov 14 2014 10:20AM

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Informacion de transporte/ Transport information

Updated on Nov 19 2014 12:34AM

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Marijuana for Medicinal Use
Kevin Sabet,
Director of Drug Policy, University of Florida, USA (CICAD/doc.2133/14).

Updated on Nov 24 2014 4:23PM


Draft Agenda rev.3

Updated on Nov 11 2014 10:23AM

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Draft Schedule of Activities rev.2

Updated on Nov 19 2014 12:01AM

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List of participants

Updated on Feb 11 2015 3:21PM

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Money Laundering Control
Group of Experts Report
Carlos Díaz Fraga,
Secretary General,
National Anti-Money Laundering Secretariat,
Uruguay and Chair of Group of Expert

Updated on Nov 21 2014 1:33PM

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Report of Activities 2013-2014 of the Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 4 2014 5:55PM

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Proposal for Technical Assitance Program on International Cooperation in Asset Recovery (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 4 2014 5:55PM

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Supplementary Study on the Relative Procedures and/or Criteria for Internacional Cooperation in the Sharing of Seized Property (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 4 2014 5:59PM

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Comparative Report on Work Plans, Products and Contacts of (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 14 2014 4:27PM

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Guide for the Management of Seized Businesses (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 4 2014 6:02PM

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Report on the Outcomes of the Survey Regarding the Safety of Members of the AML/CTF System, Particularly Members of the Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and Asset Recovery Offices (ARO) GELAVEX

Updated on Nov 4 2014 6:05PM

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GELAVEX Strategic Planning Proposal 2015-2017

Updated on Nov 4 2014 6:06PM

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Analysis of Systems for the Collection of Data on Seized and Forfeited Assets of Illicit Origin in the Member States of the OAS (GELAVEX)

Updated on Nov 14 2014 4:26PM

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Updated on Nov 14 2014 4:20PM

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Final Report of the Group of Experts on Chemical Substances and Pharmaceutical Products

Updated on Nov 4 2014 6:08PM

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Final Report of the Group of Experts on Maritime Narcotrafficking

Updated on Nov 4 2014 6:09PM

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Institutional strengthening of administrative control and interdiction capacity of chemical substances used in the production of synthetic drugs
Hernán Bernal,
Chemical Expert, Project PRELAC, UNODC Regional Office, Peru

Updated on Nov 19 2014 5:24PM

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Multilateral Approach to Maritime Counterdrug Operations
Lou Orsini,
Senior Maritime Law Enforcement Advisor,
U.S. Coast Guard Office of Law Enforcement Policy

Updated on Nov 21 2014 11:48AM

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Presentation of the Group of Experts Report
Gisele Bellido Luglio,
SUNAT, Peru and Chair of the Group of Experts

Updated on Nov 19 2014 5:23PM

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La Regulación de las bebidas alcohólicas
Maristela G. Monteiro, M.D., PhD.
Asesora Principal para Alcohol y Otras Drogas

Updated on Nov 20 2014 12:04PM

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Maritime Narcotrafficking
Group of Experts Report
Orlando Enrique Grisales Franceschi,
Director of the Antidrug Department,
Colombian Navy and Chair of the Group of Experts

Updated on Nov 21 2014 11:47AM

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Panel 3: Challenges and Strategies in addressing the Drug problem from a Public Health perspective
Situation and initiatives of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic
Nelson Armando Guzmán,
Cooperation and Inter-institutional relations, Executive Secretariat, COMISCA

Updated on Nov 20 2014 4:30PM

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Panel 3: Desafíos y Estrategias para el Abordaje del Problema de las Drogas en Centroamérica, desde el Ámbito de la Salud Pública
Recursos Humanos para el enfoque de salud pública en las políticas sobre drogas en las Américas

Panel 3: Challenges and Strategies in addressing the Drug problem from a Public Health perspective
Human resources for a public health approach in drug policies in the Americas (PAHO)

Luis Alfonzo,
Asesor, Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS)
Advisor, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Updated on Nov 20 2014 4:33PM

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Report of the Governmental Expert Group (GEG) of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM)

Updated on Nov 14 2014 4:19PM

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Marijuana for Medicinal Use
Raúl Martín del Campo Sánchez,
Director, National Center for the Prevention and Control of Addictions (CENADIC),

Updated on Dec 5 2014 10:20AM

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Report of the Technical Secretariat of the Working Group of CICAD: Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug-Related Crimes

Updated on Nov 14 2014 4:31PM

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Outline of CICAD Executive Secretariat activities in accordance with the Guatemala Resolution
"Reflections and guidelines to formulate and follow up on comprehensive policies to address the world drug problem in the Americas”

Updated on Nov 19 2014 12:12AM

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Proposed Timeline for Plan of Action Review

Updated on Nov 16 2014 2:57PM

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Lessons Learned in the Framework of Tobacco Policies
Lidia Amarales O.
National Director, SENDA
National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption

Updated on Nov 20 2014 12:01PM

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Regional situation of maritime narcotrafficking
Mario German Rodriguez Viera,
Colombian Navy

Updated on Nov 21 2014 11:48AM

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The Reform of Cannabis Laws in Jamaica
Maurice Bailey,
Director of Legal Reform, Ministry of Justice,

Updated on Nov 20 2014 12:08PM

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Welcome remarks by the Chairman of CICAD
Héctor Mauricio López Bonilla,
Minister of the Interior

Updated on Dec 9 2014 10:24AM

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Panel 3: Challenges and Strategies in addressing the Drug problem from a Public Health perspective
Strengthening of the National Treatment System with the participation of Civil Society,
Eugenia Mata,
Costa Rican Drug Institute (ICD)

Updated on Nov 20 2014 4:31PM

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Strategic Priorities in addressing money laundering
Mariano Federici,
Regional Advisor for Latin America,
International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Updated on Nov 21 2014 1:34PM

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Welcome remarks of the Ambassador adam blackwell
Secretary for Multidimensional Security
Organization of American States

Updated on Dec 8 2014 5:06PM

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Welcoming Remarks by His Excellency Otto Pérez Molina
President of the Republic of Guatemala

Updated on Dec 8 2014 4:59PM

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Lecciones aprendidas en la lucha contra el narcotráfico
Teniente Coronel Javier Neira Peraza
Jefe Planeación Jefatura de Operaciones Aérea
Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

Updated on Nov 20 2014 11:45AM

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Report by CICAD Executive Secretary
Ambassador Paul Simons

Updated on Nov 21 2014 11:25AM

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Taking Control: Pathways to Drug Policies that Work Global Commission on Drug Policy
Zara Snapp,
Policy and Communications Officer,
Global Commission on Drug Policy

Updated on Nov 20 2014 7:28PM

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Experiencias y lecciones aprendidas por los países del Hemisferio en contrarrestar el uso del espacio aéreo y territorial por el narcotráfico

Experiences and lessons learnt by countries in the Hemisphere on addressing the use of air and land space by narcotrafficking

Hector Mauricio López Bonilla
Ministro de Gobernación
Minister of the Interior

Updated on Nov 20 2014 6:11PM

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Alternatives to Incarceration.
Geoffrey A Henderson, Judge,
International Criminal Court, The Hague.

Updated on Nov 21 2014 2:06PM

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Remarks by Ambassador Albert Ramdin
Assistant Secretary General, Organization of American States

Updated on Dec 8 2014 5:03PM

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In search of rights: Drug use and state responses in latin america - WOLA/CEDD

Updated on Nov 25 2014 11:49AM

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Supplementary Information- Proposal from Commisioner of Grenada on MEM Reports

Updated on Dec 19 2014 10:40AM

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Final Report

Updated on Mar 24 2015 2:55PM

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