Forty-third regular session of CICAD
April 30 - May 2, 2008 - Washington, D.C., United States

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Information Bulletin

Updated on Feb 26 2008 5:27PM

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Fe de Errata - List of Participants / Lista de Participantes

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:21PM

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Terms of Reference of the Alternative Development Expert Group, rev. 1

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:26PM

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Drug Abuse Treatment Concepts and Outcomes
Dr Wallace Mandell

Updated on May 2 2008 5:35PM

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Screening and Brief Intervention: Filling a Major Gap in the Spectrum of Substance Use
Bertha K. Madras, Deputy Director, Demand Reduction, Office of National Drug Control Policy, USA

Updated on May 2 2008 5:58PM

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Preventive Intervention with Youth
René Donoso, Prevention Chief
CONACE (Chile)

Updated on May 8 2008 5:06PM

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Light Up Your Carrete: Work in Carrete Territory
Patricia Farias, Head of Communications
CONACE - Government of Chile

Updated on May 8 2008 5:11PM

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Drug Treatment Tribunals
Manuel Guerra, Director, SpecializedSpecialized Drugs Unit, Public Prosecution Service of Chile

Updated on May 2 2008 6:08PM

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A Global NGO Initiative on the Review of the 1998-2008 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Illicit Drugs
Michel Perron, Canada

Updated on May 2 2008 6:11PM

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Public Policies on Drug Treatment
Luis Alfonzo, Demand Reduction Section, CICAD Executive Secretariat

Updated on May 8 2008 5:18PM

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Addiction Treatment Is Only As Good As the Workforce that Delivers It
Alexandra Hill, CICAD, Demand Reduction

Updated on Jun 20 2008 2:48PM

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EU-LAC Drug Treatment City Partnerships
Antonio Lomba, CICAD, Demand Reduction

Updated on Jun 20 2008 2:52PM

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Opening Remarks by OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza

Updated on May 2 2008 5:51PM

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Drogas Sintéticos Globales / Global Synthetic Drugs
Scott Mitsumoto, DEA, US Government

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:00PM

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Brief Intervention Techniques as a Cost-Effective Alternative in Public Policies o Treatment: The Brazilian Experience
Dr. Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira Duarte, National Anti-Drug Secretariat of Brazil

Updated on May 2 2008 5:45PM

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Politica de Administración de Bienes Incautados en Colombia: Acciones y Resultados
Carlos Albornoz, Director General
Dirección Nacional de Estupefacientes, Colombia

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:03PM

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Drug Courts: Blending Treatment and Accountability
C. West Huddleston, National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP, USA)

Updated on May 8 2008 5:24PM

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Drug Courts: Blending Treatment and Accountability
C. West Huddleston, National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) and National Drug Court Institute (NDCI)

Updated on May 2 2008 6:18PM

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Report of the Preparatory Meeting of the Intergovernmental Working Group (Pre-IWG)

Updated on May 2 2008 6:26PM

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Illicit Arms Trafficking
Government of Mexico

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:07PM

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Extinción de Dominio del Proceso
Dra. Gladys Lucia Sánchez
Fiscalia General de la Nación, Colombia

Updated on Jun 20 2008 3:13PM

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Closing Remarks/Discurso de clausura - Guillermo Reyes, Chair/Presidente, CICAD

Updated on May 8 2008 5:04PM

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Final Report of the 43rd regular session of CICAD

Updated on Aug 21 2008 2:28PM

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