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Updated on Mar 19 2012 12:21PM

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Information Bulletin

Updated on Mar 19 2012 12:20PM

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International Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of Specialized National Agencies against the World Drug Problem.
Lima, 25 - 26 Junes, 2012
Lima, Peru

Updated on May 16 2012 9:32AM

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Draft Agenda

Updated on Mar 19 2012 12:20PM

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Draft Schedule of Activities rev.4

Updated on May 8 2012 7:10PM

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Lista de participantes/ List of Participants

Updated on May 16 2012 10:33AM

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Annual Report 2011

Updated on May 24 2012 3:26PM

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Candidacy of the Goverment of Peru for the Vice- chairmanship of CICAD 2012-2013

Updated on May 1 2012 3:26PM

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Report on CICAD activities and the drug situation in the hemisphere.
Amb, Paul Simons, CICAD Executive Secretary
Dr Francisco Cumsille, Chief, Inter-american Observatory on Drugs (OID).

Updated on May 9 2012 11:57AM

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Security and Drugs in the Caribbean
Geonarcotics of the Contemporary Caribbean: Content, Consequences, Countermeasures
Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Professor of Political Science and Provost and
Senior Vice President, York College of The City University of New York

Updated on May 9 2012 3:04PM

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Drugs and Security in the Caribbean
Lt. Col. Edward Croft
Director, ONDCP

Updated on May 11 2012 12:40PM

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Report on CICAD Executive Secretariat 2012 Work Plan, (Plan of Action of the Hemispheric Drug Strategy).
Amb. Paul Simons

Updated on May 10 2012 12:25PM

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Evidence-based national policies: significance and implications
John Carnevale, President and CEO, Carnevale Associates

Updated on May 10 2012 12:41PM

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Evidence-based National Drug Policies: significance and implications
Dr. Karen Segura Fernández
CICAD Consultant, Costa Rica

Updated on May 10 2012 12:45PM

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Civil Society Contributions in the Implementation of the CICAD Strategy and Plan of Action
Michel Perron, Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Updated on May 10 2012 6:44PM

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Heroin use in Mexico
Dr. Carlos Tena Tamayo
National Commissioner Against Addictions

Updated on May 9 2012 5:31PM

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Report of the Governmental Expert Group (GEG) of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism

Updated on May 8 2012 4:52PM

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Preventing the Spread of Heroin Consumption in the Americas: The Colombian Experience
Aldemar Parra Espitia, National Coordinator on Demand Reduction,
Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Colombia

Updated on May 9 2012 4:07PM

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Smokable cocaine in South America
PACO - Ten years later.
Sergio Torres, Federal Judge, Argentina

Updated on May 10 2012 12:29PM

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Smokeable Cocaine in South America
Dr. Antonio Pascale Prieto
M.D., Toxicologist – REDLA
Montevideo, Uruguay

Updated on May 10 2012 12:34PM

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Cooperation Programme between Latin America and the European Union on Drugs Policies (COPOLAD)
Julio Calzada,
Secretary General,
National Drug Board, Uruguay

Updated on May 10 2012 6:49PM

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Drug policy evaluation in Europe
Alexis Goosdeel, Head of Unit Retox and International Cooperation.
The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

Updated on May 10 2012 12:49PM

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Candidacy of the Goverment of Colombia for the Vice-chairmanship of CICAD 2012-2013

Updated on May 11 2012 5:53PM

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Speech by Dr. Mirta Roses Periago
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Updated on May 11 2012 6:05PM

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Statement of the government of the United States of America
R. Gil Kerlikowske
Director of National Drug Control Policy

Updated on May 11 2012 6:09PM

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Welcoming remarks by:
Dr. Rafael Antonio Bielsa,
Secretary of State,
Secretariat for Programming Drug Abuse Prevention and the Fight against Drug Trafficking (SEDRONAR), Republic of Argentina,
Chair of CICAD.

Updated on May 11 2012 6:13PM

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Smokable cocaine in South America
Cezar Luiz Busto de Souza,
General Coordinator, Federal Police of Brazil.

Updated on May 10 2012 12:38PM

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Contributions by Civil Society
Graciela Touzé
Intercambios Civil Association

Updated on May 11 2012 6:17PM

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Civil society contributions in the implementation of the CICAD Hemispheric
Drug Strategy and Plan of Action.
Fabian Chiosso,
President of the Federation of NGOs in Argentina for the Prevention and Care of Drug Abuse (FONGA) and Representative of the Ibero-American Network of NGOs working in Drug Addiction (RIOD).

Updated on May 10 2012 6:54PM

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Proposal of the Republic of Colombia regarding the future functioning of CICAD and the Experts Groups

Updated on May 16 2012 9:19AM

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How Gender Considerations Can Inform Public Policies:
Demand Reduction and Supply Reduction
Hendrée E. Jones, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Senior Research Psychologist, RTI International

Updated on May 10 2012 8:46AM

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Report of the Intergovernmental Working Group’s (IWG) General Coordinator for the MEM Sixth Evaluation Round,
Mauricio Boraschi,
Viceminister of the Presidency on Security Affairs,
National Drug Commissioner, President Office (Costa Rica).

Updated on May 11 2012 10:40AM

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The gender perspective in policies, measures and interventions to confront the global drug problem
Carmen Masías,
Executive President,
National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (DEVIDA). Peru

Updated on May 11 2012 5:47PM

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National Plan to Counter Crack and other Drugs – Crack, Brazil can overcome it.
Paulina do Carmo Arruda Vieira Duarte,
National Secretary, National Drug Policy Secretariat (SENAD), Ministry of Justice, Brazil.

Updated on May 10 2012 3:25PM

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Proyecto: “Programa antidrogas ilícitas en la CAN PRADICAN”
Adolfo López Bustillo
Comunidad Andina

Updated on May 11 2012 10:35AM

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Final Report of CICAD 51

Updated on Sep 13 2012 12:41PM

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