DTC Salta Graduation


Certificates given to the first graduates of the Drug Treatment Court Pilot Program in Salta

Salta, Argentina. December 09, 2015

In the “Salón de Grandes Juicios de la Ciudad Judicial”, the first graduates of the Drug Treatment Court (DTC) Pilot Program were presented with their graduation certificates. The ceremony was led by Vice President of the Court of Justice of Salta, William Catalano, Judge Diego Rodriguez Nicolas Pepino (4th Trial Court), and Judge Hector Martinez (5th Trial Court).

Three graduates received certificates from the DTC Pilot Program, and were issued an order of dismissal for the crimes for which they had been indicted. Thus, participants "DMC" and "IEB" were dismissed for the crime of theft, and "SMM" was dismissed on charges of theft and damage. 
The 4th and 5th Trial Courts operate monthly as Drug Treatment Courts. The pilot program was implemented in Salta in 2013.

Also present at the ceremonial delivery of certificates were the General Defender of the Province, María Inés Diez, magistrates, officials of the judiciary and the executive of the province, representatives of chartered professional organizations and members of the DTC Pilot Program’s Interdisciplinary Team.  

To participate in the TTD, applicants must meet the same conditions as for the benefit of suspension of trial. Upon entering the program, the criminal process stops and the participant is allowed to receive specialized treatment.  

In the preliminary stage of the case, the perpetrator of a crime pleads for a provisionary suspension of the sentence together with a request to be included in the pilot program, demonstrating their willingness to undergo treatment to overcome their addiction. The judge, fulfilling their role in a DTC, orders a diagnosis which will determine if the participant is eligible to join the program. By joining the DTC system, the accused ceases to be called as such and becomes "the participant". 

The DTC grants the offender the possibility of social reintegration, not only in relation to the history of crime, but also in terms of their addictions. 
The justice system in Salta is a pioneer in the implementation of this international practice, which can help people overcome their addictions, and integrate back into society.

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